About the Founder

Mrs. Preety Singh Pareek, founder of SónChiraiya, hails from a proudly traditional and progressive Jatt family. From a young age, she was encouraged to chase her dreams and achieve her potential. 

Consequently, as a starry-eyed child with a love for all things fashion, she found inspiration in her grandfather's recounts of India's glorious past. Hence, she resolved to launch a brand showcasing and celebrating the rich textile traditions of India.

After earning her Bachelor’s degree in Engineering and a brief stint at Samsung, Mrs. Pareek rekindled her calling. In 2017, she founded SónChiraiya to make superior quality ethnic wear easily available for women everywhere. 

Gradually, by offering the finest traditional clothing and accessories from across India, SónChiraiya amassed a sizeable loyal clientele and following.

However, it wasn’t until 2020 that Mrs. Pareek and her brand discovered their primary purpose. At the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, a chance meeting with a weaver of zari Kota sarees compelled her to use her platform for the welfare of a dying art and its struggling artisans.  

Thus, the Zari Revival Project was born. Through it, Mrs. Pareek introduced reforms to improve the quality of raw materials and the lives of the communities involved in handcrafting zari Kota handloom sarees and clothing.

In addition, she incorporated various traditional and modern motifs, colour combinations, patterns, and styles never-before-seen in zari Kota sarees. As a result, within a few short years, a once obscure weave and fabric gained global renown.  

Today, Mrs. Pareek is a prolific globetrotter who travels far and wide for fashion events and exhibitions with her toddler in tow. Moreover, as an entrepreneur, textile revivalist, and proponent of sustainable fashion, she proactively participates in every stage of the production process. She sets trends, fulfils client demands, co-develops new fabrics, weaves, and styles, and curates incomparable luxury shopping experiences for a global clientele by creating heirloom handlooms.