What is an heirloom handloom?

Heirloom handlooms are fabrics handwoven using traditional methods and manual looms deemed worthy of passing on to future generations. Their historical, cultural, and economic significance combined with their exquisite artisanship and durability have earned them their heirloom status.      

What makes SónChiraiya handlooms heirlooms?

“Your prized possession today, your lineage’s treasured heirloom tomorrow.” 

SónChiraiya heirloom handlooms, are fabrics handwoven exclusively using traditional techniques and pit looms by the legacy artisans of Kota, Rajasthan.   

1gm zari yarns are interwoven with pure cotton and natural silk warp (vertical) and weft (horizontal) threads. Consequently, elevating the 3S’s - structure, strength, and sublime sheen synonymous with SónChiraiya. 

This unique amalgamation of coveted qualities lends beauty and durability. As a result, they allow our handloom fabrics to withstand the test of time against changing fashion trends and wear and tear. 

“Marvels of awe-inspiring artistry and emblems of iconic, classic fashion.”

Your SónChiraiya luxury handloom saree will be a cherished family heirloom for decades to come.     

What makes heirloom handlooms relevant in the modern era?

Heirloom handlooms are a sustainable, eco-friendly alternative to mass-produced fast fashion and the environmental, ethical, and economic devastation it causes. Naturally, handloom clothing is witnessing a resurgence in popularity.  

Their creation is in stark contrast to the manufacturing of synthetic fabrics using power looms. They are produced using minimal electricity and no pollution-causing, harmful chemicals. Furthermore, they are crafted carefully and slowly and cherished lovingly by several generations.  

Now even younger, ethically and socially responsible, fashion-forward individuals are ditching synthetic options. Instead, they are choosing heirloom handlooms for daily wear and special occasions.      

Why preserve heirloom handlooms? 

Owing to their long-enduring association, Zari Kota and Kota doria are as integral to Rajasthan, as Banarasi handloom sarees are to Varanasi, Jamdani sarees are to West Bengal, and Kanjeevaram sarees are to Tamil Nadu. Together with various other distinct handlooms, they form the very fabric of India. 

Our heirloom handlooms are crafted by a Kaithoon, Rajasthan-based cluster of fairly compensated and highly valued master artisans. They source natural fibers locally or regionally and use non-toxic azo-free dyes. Then, they weave like their ancestors did several centuries ago.    

As direct descendants of royal artisans, they inherited their weaving wisdom and honed their ingenuity under their tutelage. As a result, their labour-intensive craft is an encapsulation of their rich ancestral and cultural heritage.    

Empowering them is an imperative priority for these reasons and because the handloom sector is the second largest employer in India. Hence, various other brands, NGOs, and government bodies are working closely with artisans across India to preserve this indispensable part of our cultural heritage.