Terms & Conditions


SónChiraiya, referred to here as ‘we’, ‘our’, and ‘us’, is the rightful owner of sonchiraiya.com, this website, which is alternatively referred to as ‘site’. The pronouns ‘you’, ‘your’, and ‘yours’ are used to refer to every user of this website and its constituent webpages, which are collectively referred to as our ‘services’.

By using our website, you agree to be lawfully bound by the following Terms and Conditions, which are referred to as ‘T&C’.   

SónChiraiya reserves the right to revise said T&C at any time without prior notice. Once posted online, all revisions will take effect immediately. 

We strongly advise against accessing/using our website if you disagree with our T&C and any revisions made to them. Since, doing so is prohibited by the law.  

By continuing to use this site you consent to comply with our T&C and all relevant laws and regulations which are enforced in your state/country/region. All the material published on this website is protected by the pertinent trademark and copyright laws.  

SónChiraiya is the sole intended beneficiary of these T&C. If and when a conflict arises, they will precede over all other terms pertaining to our Goods. They may not be amended or altered without written approval from SónChiraiya. The interpretation and implementation of our T&C is governed by Indian law. SónChiraiya agrees to acquiesce to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Delhi-based Indian court. 

Intellectual Property Rights

  • The entirety of this website's contents, including but not limited to any text, HTML code, software, scripts, photos, artwork, images, audio, and video, is owned exclusively by SónChiraiya.    
  • All content on this site is offered by SónChiraiya in the form of a service to existing and prospective clients. It can be used to make purchases for personal, non-commercial use only.
  • Unless stated otherwise, users are allowed to print copies of all information made available on this site for personal use. Users are however, prohibited from selling this information without prior written consent.
  • Without first obtaining a written permit, users are prohibited from using the contents of this site by means of copying, reproducing, revising, publishing, sharing, posting, displaying, selling, licensing, and creating derivative works from it.
  • Users are prohibited from publishing our website’s contents to their websites for advertising, revenue-generating, and other commercial purposes.
  • Under no circumstances should this content be copied, shared, modified, displayed, posted, performed, or used in a manner that has not been approved by us, the original author(s).


No logos or trademarks published on this website can be replicated or used elsewhere. SónChiraiya exclusively owns all rights to the brand name, trade name(s), trademarks and all associated images and logos. They are either common law or registered trademarks, which are protected by local, national, and public international laws and agreements. In accordance with our T&C, we do not grant any user/customer the license to use any of our trade names and trademarks.

Admissible Use of This Website

To use this website, you must consent to the following:

  • In no case will you use our website and services in any harmful, dishonest, and illegal ways.
  • No speculative or false orders shall be made by you.
  • You will not participate in any form of manual or automatic data collection practices, such as data harvesting, data mining, or scraping.
  • You will make only relevant and valid enquiries on or using our website.
  • You will not manipulate or disguise any other website to have it resemble or imply its association with SónChiraiya.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that every activity happening on or via your account(s) irrespective of its username and password, is in accordance with our T&C.

Cessation of Access

SónChiraiya reserves the right to nullify your right to use this site without prior notification if and when deemed necessary. Any such termination is final and will take effect immediately.

Discontinuation of Services

SónChiraiya reserves the right to partially or completely discontinue any goods/services offered via this site.  

T&C of Sale

The T&C listed below apply to all orders for all products you place via our website. Every order is subject to availability. 

Any claims made with regard to delivery dates and times are strictly estimates, which are subject to vary. Since, dispatch times are dictated by the availability of the product ordered.

SónChiraiya is not liable for any delays caused by postal problems or any other unforeseen, unavoidable, and uncontrollable circumstances.

While and by making an order, you assure us that every piece of information you provide is factual, that you are a legal user of the debit/credit card being used, and that the bank account linked to this card has adequate funds to meet the cost of your order.  

The advertised price of every item available on our website is subject to change with seasons.

Terms of Sale

  1. Our Contract

Until your credit/debit card has been charged and the payment for your purchase has been confirmed, we do not finalize an official contract.  

To finalize a contract, we wait until your credit/debit card has been charged and the payment for your purchase has been confirmed.  

Since, items cannot be reserved by adding them to your cart, they can be purchased by other customers. Once you successfully place your order, the credit/debit card you used to pay will be charged and you will be sent a confirmation email from our end.     

In case your order hasn’t been approved, we will promptly notify you via our website. In case your order has been approved and accepted, but a few of the goods you ordered are no longer in stock, we will contact you promptly via email to offer either a complete refund or a different product.

A contract will be finalized between you, and us, SónChiraiya, when we notify you via email that your order has been successfully processed. 

All sale contracts are written in English, as the entirety of this website and its communications are also carried out in English. 

We retain the right to reject your order if:

  • The product you ordered has become out-of-stock
  • It failed to satisfy our quality control requirements
  • Shipping restrictions were applied to a product
  • We were not able to secure payment authorization
  1. Pricing

As per these T&C, you consent to pay the stipulated Purchase Price in full for each and any goods you purchase.

Price Disclaimer 

Despite our extensive efforts to ensure that each one of our products is described and priced correctly, there may be instances of mispricing due to typos and other human errors. SónChiraiya retains the right to deny the sale of products found to be mispriced.    

Moreover, the issuer of your credit or debit card may levy currency conversion charges, among other fees. In order to learn more about any such fee, please consult the issuer of your credit/debit card. 

Colour disclaimer

While we try our best to showcase and describe each product accurately, we cannot guarantee that colours displayed on our website are an accurate reflection of our product’s actual colours. Since, factors such as studio and natural lighting during photoshoots and your device’s settings and ability to reproduce colours, affect the final colour displayed on your screen.

Any and all information pertaining to products is subject to change without prior notice.


The Purchase Price must be paid in full at Checkout to make a purchase.

Force majeure

If a force majeure situation occurs, these T&C and sale contract finalized between us, SónChiraiya and the customer will for all intents and purposes be terminated. Consequently, SónChiraiya and the customer will be deemed ineligible for any compensation.      

We regard natural calamities, war, terrorist attacks, military mobilization, political uprisings, changes in legislation, strikes, and other such unforeseen and uncontrollable circumstances as force majeure situations.