SónChiraiya’s Zari Revival Project: Reinstating the Golden Age of Bharat

“Everything that glitters may not be gold, but SónChiraiya’s gold zari is!” 

The SónChiraiya Zari Revival Project aims to reinstate the golden age. So, we bring you the best of the very best of Bharat through real zari, heirloom handloom clothing, outstanding craftsmanship, and their culmination - luxury.

SónChiraiya, as its etymology suggests, is a derivative of India’s erstwhile epithet “sone ki chidiya” or “golden bird”. Hence, it is the embodiment of the very essence of Bharat. 

From Centuries Ago To Current Day

The first known mention of zari was in the Rig Ved, which dates back to over 3000 years ago. This lustrous, luxurious yarn has fascinated mankind for millennia due to its association with purity, aristocracy, and precious metals.

Unfortunately, with technological and industrial advancement came the adulteration of zari and everything it represented.          

Today, zari can be divided into three distinct types: imitation, tested, and real. Imitation and tested zari are used extensively. However, individuals who enjoy the finer things in life, exclusively choose SónChiraiya fineries. Since, they are infused with our specially manufactured, pure as can be, 1gm real gold zari.

“The glimmer of gold is one of hope.” 

Zari enables our legacy artisans to preserve the craft and creativity of their ancestors. It allows you, our valued patrons, to possess an invaluable, time-honoured treasure. For us at SónChiraiya, ensuring its purity and authenticity enables us to bridge the gap between supply and demand, art and its admirer, and artisans and their patrons.  

By restoring zari and zari-infused handloom clothing to their former glory, SónChiraiya is reinstating the golden age. 

Real Zari: Real Luxury

Our real gold zari is valuable and tarnish and rust-proof owing to its high gold content. Conversely, imitation zari is prone to damage, knotting, and tarnishing, while tested zari isn’t as valuable or luxurious.

Additionally, our zari is salvageable, whereas imitation zari is not, and tested zari, although salvageable, is significantly less valuable.   

Moreover, our real zari-infused luxury handloom sarees and clothing come with a certificate of authenticity, while tested zari sarees do not. Consequently, SónChiraiya sarees boast a considerable resale value. 

“SónChiraiya has set the gold standard for gold zari.” 

Owning a SónChiraiya real zari handloom saree is a one-of-a-kind experience involving a tangible and intangible aspect. While the ultra-luxurious tangible aspect captivates all, its intangible counterpart is personal. It is understood and appreciated exclusively by the wearer since it pertains to the wealth of weaving wisdom and the inheritance of our cultural heritage.