The SónChiraiya Saga

Homegrown and handcrafted women’s luxury clothing brand, SónChiraiya, was founded in 2017 by software engineer turned globetrotting fashionista Preety Singh Pareek, with one objective, to offer the modern woman exceptional ethnic wear with a contemporary flair.

In 2020 a chance meeting with an expert craftsman changed her life and brand’s trajectory. She discovered her calling and eventually quit her thriving career in Samsung to revive the often-underrepresented art of Zari Kota.

The Covid-19 pandemic, lockdowns and subsequent global economic slowdown led a despairing Zari Kota weaver to request Mrs. Pareek to help him sell his inventory, so he could cut losses and earn his livelihood as a vegetable vendor. Distraught but determined, Mrs. Pareek sold his entire inventory via her Instagram platform.

He returned to his village and community, where, with SónChiraiya’s backing a group of expert craftsmen resumed production of Zari Kota fineries with 40 traditional looms. They upscaled quickly to 100 looms, then150, and now advancement to a staggering 300 looms is underway. Currently, through this collaboration over 150 families in and around Kaithoon, Rajasthan earn a livelihood and fair wages while upholding their ancestral weaving and textile traditions.

Today, SónChiraiya is an unwavering commitment to creativity, craftsman and customers. It is a larger-than-life celebration that homegrown Indian fabrics, traditional motifs and weaving techniques, seasoned craftsmen, ingenious craftsmanship, fashion forward modern women, conscious customers, our handloom heritage and the pride and joy of the Indian woman, the saree, are all a part of. SónChiraiya ‘The Golden Bird’, envisions the reinstatement of India’s golden ages by the revival and representation of underrated weaves, craftsmanship and art forms, primarily Zari Kota.  

Zari Kota, a luxurious, lightweight and lustrous fabric featuring ‘khats’, a signature check pattern, emerges from an intricate interplay of superlative cotton and silk threads with real gold and silver threads.

Since, SónChiraiya’s statement sarees are painstakingly handcrafted by expert artisans over several months to endure the test of time, they are an investment, a family heirloom, and an integral part of our cultural legacy. Our brand, our sarees and the Zari Kota revival movement are gaining a stronger foothold worldwide. Our rapidly expanding loyal clientele also includes socialites, celebrities, industrialists, and politicians who take immense pride in their exclusive and unparalleled SónChiraiya sarees. We endeavour to maintain this momentum to popularize Zari Kota on a larger global scale.