Real Zari vs Fake Zari

Before you invest your hard-earned money in a luxury handloom zari Kota saree, here are 5 ways to test the authenticity of real 1gm gold zari.

The kasauti test

Like real gold, rubbing real gold zari on a kasauti or natural obsidian leaves behind a trace of gold. Fake zari is unable to do so.  

The touch test

Fake zari is stiff, real zari is soft and pliable.

The scratch test

When scratched, fake zari disintegrates, real zari usually reveals a red silk thread.

The nitric acid test

Unlike real zari, any traces of fake zari left behind on a kasauti, dissolve with a few drops of nitric acid.

The burn test

Fake zari can be burned, real zari cannot.