Original Paithani vs SónChiraiya's Ektara real zari Paithani

Paithanis from Yeola, Maharashtra are opulent and expensive sarees that continue to primarily feature traditional designs and motifs. Nowadays however, they are mainly woven with tested zari, which is stiff and tarnishes easily. It lacks the brilliance, flexibility, and durability of real zari and offers no resale value.

Although, the luxurious and lustrous Paithani sarees from Paithan, Maharashtra contain real zari, they cost considerably more than their highly expensive Yeola counterparts. Please note, that SónChiraiya neither crafts nor carries any of these Paithani sarees.

Inspired by the original Paithanis, but quite different in their own right, SónChiraiya’s Ektara real zari Paithani sarees were developed by our founder, Mrs. Preety Singh Pareek, in tandem with our legacy master artisans.

After closely studying all aspects of the widely available Paithani sarees and recognizing the need for innovation to offer more variety and options, a fabric similar to silk by silk was developed. This was accomplished using the Ektara weaving technique, real silk yarns, and real gold and silver zari yarns.

Hence, our Paithanis are luxurious, lustrous, and comparatively lightweight than their counterparts. They feature exclusive limited-edition designs and motifs, as they are crafted with the aim to offer a wider range of variety and options, while retaining the essence of the original Paithani. A true testimony to their intricacy and exquisiteness is that even our most skilled and seasoned weavers are able to produce only two or three sarees each year.

SónChiraiya’s Ektara real Zari Paithani heirloom sarees, woven using real zari yarns, offer great value for money and resale value.