SónChiraiya – Leading the Way in Sustainability

We, at SónChiraiya, have employed a 360-degree approach to sustainability. By using sustainable raw materials and adopting sustainable practices during pre-production, production, and post-production stages, we ensure that all our clothing items and accessories are all delightfully luxurious and satisfyingly sustainable.

Here is how we are leading the way in sustainability.

Manual handlooms

We exclusively use traditional, non-electric, wooden, and naturally biodegradable handlooms.

Azo-free dyes

We exclusively use eco-friendly azo-free dyes to dye cotton & silk yarns.

Natural sizing agent

We only use a thin rice paste and/or juice of wild onions as a sizing agent.

No synthetic fibres

We only use cotton, silk, and zari to craft fabrics.

Biodegradable cotton & silk

Our untreated silk and cotton yarns are 100% biodegradable.

Salvageable zari

We use only 1gm real gold zari that can be salvaged even decades later.

Biodegradable & sustainable packaging

Our tags & bags are made of recycled paper and our packaging is made of biodegradable cardboard.

SónChiraiya clothing feels great on the skin and on the conscience.