Our Commitment to Our Weavers

At SónChiraiya, a homegrown luxury handloom clothing brand, we consider our weavers the lifeblood of our business; since it is their craft, ingenuity, and hard work that we present to the world.

In 2020, during the COVID-19 lockdown, our founder, Mrs. Preety Singh Pareek, used her Instagram platform to help sell a struggling weaver’s entire inventory in a matter of days.

Through the weavers in and around Kaithoon, Rajasthan, Mrs. Pareek discovered her brand’s purpose, and through SónChiraiya, they found a means to continue and showcase their traditional art to the world. Hence began our meaningful symbiotic relationship based on mutual respect and understanding.

Dedicated to their welfare and empowerment, we currently provide livelihood to over 150 families or approximately 900 legacy weavers who hand weave Kota, Zari Kota, and Ektara real Zari Paithani fabrics using approximately 150 traditional pit looms. Several allied workers also earn a living by directly or indirectly aiding production.   

Under our weaver and allied worker empowerment initiative, we facilitate computer education, regular health check-ups, and enrol their children at English medium schools in the city.

Mrs. Pareek personally visits their workshops/homes regularly to identify and address any concerns they may have. Together we have celebrated milestones, appreciation day, National handloom Day, etc., and braved several challenges, including the flooding of our workshops.

Since our weavers are now technically sound and possess design prowess, our Zari Kota Revival Movement, pioneered by Mrs. Pareek, is succeeding at promoting and popularizing the Zari Kota weave globally. 

After witnessing this unprecedented success, several brands began crafting Zari Kota sarees. As a result, subpar replicas of original SónChiraiya sarees are becoming increasingly common.

However, our commitment to quality, authenticity, sustainability, and our internal and external stakeholders is unwavering. We continue handcrafting luxury handloom clothes and accessories.